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10 easy & healthy breakfast-on-the-go ideas for busy moms

When I was growing up, skipping breakfast was NOT an option in my house.


In fact, if I overslept (which I often did when I was a teenager), my mother would write me a note to excuse me for being late for school to ensure I had a full belly before I left the house.

(It’s such a shame she didn’t make the same exception on the mornings I woke up too late to wash my hair or (worse) hide my face full of pimples…)

The good news is that her insistence that I eat a balanced meal each morning has stuck with me, and since breakfast is important for boosting metabolism, keeping weight gain in check, and giving our brains the fuel it needs to perform at its best, I rarely (if ever) skip it.

The only problem is that, no matter how early I wake up, I am physically unable to make it out of the house on time these days.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

While I’m really good at ensuring my daughter’s blueberry waffles are waiting at the kitchen table when she rises each morning (it’s the only thing she’ll eat before 10 am), I often find myself scrambling to feed myself before we leave for preschool. And since I am not opposed to the idea of eating my breakfast in the comfort of our sedan (we won a free Sirius radio subscription and I love the 90s station!), I decided to hop on over to Pinterest to try and find some healthy (and easy!) breakfast-on-the-go ideas for busy moms.

And since we all know how much I like to share (even if I share a little TMI at times), I decided to put together a post with 10 of my favorite healthy breakfast-on-the-go ideas.

Your kids may not like all of these, but you sure will! I love number 5 and 8, and I’m trying number 10 tomorrow!

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day (right??!), but parenthood has a way of making mornings hectic and ridiculous, leaving little time to sit down and enjoy a wholesome meal. And that's why I love this collection of 10 easy (AND HEALTHY!) breakfast-on-thego ideas for busy moms!

1. Skinny Chocolate Chip Muffins by Sally’s Baking Addiction (only 140 calories each!)

2. Overnight Oatmeal in a Jar – Berry Crumble Style by Sprinkled With Flour

3. Egg Muffins by Beach Babe (a healthy alternative to the fast food version!)

4. Oatmeal-on-the-Go Bars by Weelicious

5. No Sugar No Flour Banana Oat Muffins by Punki Noodle

6. Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie by

7. Power Muffins (Blueberry + Oatmeal + Yogurt) by Finger Prickin’ Good (less than 6 grams of fat!)

8. Banana Zucchini Muffins by Made From Pinterest

9. Egg and Veggie Muffins by Nutritionist in the Kitch

…and for busy moms who are trying to lose weight…

10. Green Weight Loss Smoothie by PositiveMed

Pssst. Did you know I’m a horrible cook, but that I spend a ridiculous amount of time pinning delicious recipes on Pinterest? It’s true! Check out my Chance of Food board below for some of my favorite recipes, which my husband is too scared for me to make!

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5 tutorials to teach you how to tie a scarf for Fall & Winter

When my husband, daughter, and I were on a much-needed family vacation last month, I was lucky enough to score a little bit of alone-time.

(Did I ever tell you I have the BEST husband in the world?!)

I enjoyed a pumpkin-spice latte at Starbucks.

I ate a cake pop.

I went for a couple of runs at the hotel gym.

I read a book.

And while I was wandering around the mall one morning, I decided to do something REALLY crazy and I bought myself some gorgeous scarves so I could (finally!) embrace the whole scarf fashion trend I’ve been too afraid to try for the last 2 seasons.

The only problem is, even though the 20-something who helped me purchase my new scarves did a great job of showing me a million cute ways to wear them, I completely forgot everything she told me by the time I made it back to our hotel room.

But I refuse to let those beautiful new accessories of mine go to waste, so I hoped on over to YouTube and found some AMAZING tutorials to teach me (and you!) how to tie a scarf for Fall and Winter.

Let me know which styles are your favorite!

These tutorials are LOADED with ideas on how to tie scarves to make you look fashionable this Fall and Winter. Make sure to bookmark this page!!!

1. 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! by Wendy’s Lookbook

This is one of (if not THE) best YouTube tutorials I’ve EVER watched. You are going to want to bookmark this one. Trust me!

2. New Ways to Tie a Scarf by Coldwater Creek

This tutorial is a bit less overwhelming with only 8 different ways to tie a scarf. I like # 7 the best. It’s easy, but different, you know??

3. 6 Ways to Wear Your Scarves by Ann Le (Anneorshine)

If you’re looking for new and unique scarf-tying ideas, this tutorial is for you!

4. How To Tie a Scarf: 4 Scarves 16 Ways by Nordstrom

My favorites from this tutorial are The Cowl Neck, The Preppy Neck Tie, The Cowgirl, and The Classy Knot, but I also love all of the swimsuit coverup ideas!

5. 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf – Companion Episode 1 by Wendy’s Lookbook

If you loved the first tutorial, you will love this one, which features 25 different ways to wear silk chiffon scarves!

If you love fashion as much as I do, you will love my Chance of Fashion board on Pinterest, where I share the latest fashion trends I find on the web. Click below to take a look!

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10 easy (& fun!) DIY face masks for busy moms

When my husband was out of town a few weeks ago, I asked one of my girlfriends to come over for a couple of drinks after my daughter was peacefully snoring in her crib, and before I knew it, we were lip-synching to the Grease soundtrack, painting each others nails, and ordering pizza.

It was heavenly.

My only regrets were those extra 2 glasses of white I had and the fact that I didn’t think of looking up some great DIY face masks before our spur-of-the-moment slumber party.

Because every slumber party should involve at least one face mask, right?

The good news is that I got bored last night (why does my husband insist on watching poker on TV all the time, anyway?) and found 20 easy (and fun!) DIY face masks for busy moms over on Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel.

And since I’m hopeful there will be more girls’ nights in for me (and you!) in the future, I couldn’t resist sharing them with all of you.


Too busy to go to the salon but desperate for ideas on how to shower yourself with a little TLC with your girlfriends every once in a while? No problem! This list of 10 easy (& fun!) DIY face masks for busy moms is JUST what you need!

1. DIY Rice Scrub + Mask

I especially love the lemon trick in this tutorial. Enjoy!

2. Anti-Acne Honey Cinnamon Mask!

If you’re prone to breakouts like me, this mask is JUST what you need. The best part (for me anyway) is that I love the smell and it’s gentle enough that I can use it everyday!

3. 1 Minute DIY : Olive Oil + Honey Mask

I’ve always known olive oil is a good natural moisturizer (and it doesn’t clog your pores!), but I had no idea that mixing it with a bit of honey would be this good for my sensitive skin. Give it a try and see!

4. Egg Mask Facial

Am I the only one who didn’t know that egg whites are good for treating oily skin, whitening the skin, and tightening the skin (which reduces the size of your pores), and that egg yolks are a good natural moisturizer? Check out this awesome tutorial to find out more!

5. Make Your Own Pore Strips

OMG, I cannot get over how EASY it is to make these, and I will NEVER waste my money on those expensive drug-store strips ever again!

6. Aspirin Mask

Did you know that aspirin is made out of salicylic acid? Neither did I! But you better believe I’ll be trying this aspirin mask the next time my skin breaks out!

7. DIY Wine Mask

This mask, which is good for hydrating your face (especially when the weather is cold!), made me fall in love with Michelle Phan all over again!

8. Kitty Litter Facial Mask : Deep Cleansing

I’m not sure I will ever be able to do this one, but if you suffer from large pores and oily skin, you have to at least give this one a watch!

9. DIY Ice Cucumber Pads (bye bye puffy eyes)

I’ve tried these before and they work wonders!

10. How to Reduce Cellulite with Coffee

Okay, this isn’t a face mask, but since I know I’m not the only person who loves coffee and suffers from cellulite, I couldn’t resist sharing this!

If you liked this post, you’ll love my Makeup & Manis board on Pinterest. It’s filled with my favorite beauty products, hacks, and tutorials, and it has heaps of fantastic makeup tips and tricks, too! You can check it out below!


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10 awesome playdough activities for preschoolers

My daughter hates crafts.

She won’t color, she can’t stand the site of paint, and homemade gifts are completely out of the question.


But she loves playdough.

A lot.

And since it’s one of the only craft-like activities she shows any interest in, I am always on the hunt for new playdough activities the 2 of us can do together.

Which brings me to the point of today’s post…

From fill in the blank spelling, to free printable playdough mats, to bug fossils, to playdough aliens, there's a playdough activity in here for preschoolers everywhere!

Photo Source: ©


1. Grab your letter stamps and try this fantastic fill in the blank spelling activity I found over on No Time for Flash Cards!

2. Before you put those stamps away, try this letter matching activity I also found on No time for Flash Cards.

3. Print off some of these awesome (and free!) playdough mats.

4. Looking for ways to sneak in a little math education into your afternoon fun? Then try this learning to add with simple playdough addition activities I found on Kids Activities Blog!

5. Get out the black liquid watercolors and glitter and try this amazing stretchy night sky playdough recipe by Twodaloo.

6. Check out these ABC playdough mats by 1 + 1 + 1 = 1!

7. If your kids love bugs, make some of these playdough bug fossils I found on No Time for Flash Cards.

8. Go on a playdough nature walk with your kids, as inspired by How Wee Learn.

9. Help your child develop her fine motor skills by making these playdough kebobs I found on No Time for Flash Cards.

10. Make some of these playdough aliens I found on Rainy Dad Mum!

If you’re looking for more fun, engaging, and educational kids crafts, activities, and boredom busters to help you have more fun with your kids, check out my Fun With Kids board below!

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10 cute and easy hairstyles for kids

You know how I spend a grotesque amount of time watching YouTube videos?

Well, it’s rubbed off on my 3-year-old.

Of course, she’s not spending her time searching for tips to teach her how to apply makeup like a pro, she’s not interested in learning how to make her mom ponytail look more stylish, and she certainly doesn’t care about learning how to apply flawless makeup in 5 minutes or less, but if you’re looking for the perfect toy for the 4-and-under age set, she’s your go-to person.

But that’s not where her love for YouTube ends.


You see, I’ve been needing some extra cuddles lately, so we’ve been spending a chunk of our day watching Sesame Street celebrity music videos together at the kitchen table after lunch (note: this is a great way to get your kids to eat their vegetables!). Naturally, the novelty wears off after about 5 minutes for me, but since my daughter loves watching her furry little friends belt out “Outdoors” with Jason Mraz over and over (and over!) again, I’ve started to try my hand at French-braiding her hair to keep me from falling asleep.

Naturally, this led to an evening in front of my laptop searching for more complex hairstyles for kids to try, and before I knew it, I had stumbled upon a channel called Cute Girls Hairstyles.

Have you heard of this channel?

It’s FILLED with awesome tutorials to teach you (and me!) cute and easy hairstyles for kids, and I cannot get over how easy they are to do.

Here are 10 of my favorites.

Good luck!

Sick of sending your kids to school with the same old pigtails and ponytails? ME TOO! But thanks to these 10 cute and easy hairstyles for kids, our daughters can now be the most stylish kids in class!

1. Waterfall Twist Rope Braid

2. Princess Aurora Twistback

3. Zipper Braid Updo

4. Stacked Twist Ponytail

5. The Knotted Headband

6. Twists into Side Flip

7. French Twist into Rope Braid

8. Lace Braided {Sophia Lucia} Bun

9. Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo

10. How to Create an Infinity Bun

Pssst. Did you know I have a Fabulous Hair board on Pinterest where I pin my favorite hair styles, cuts, and updos for short, medium-length, and long hair? No?! Click below to check it out!

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6 tips to help you treat, prevent, and hide body acne

Body acne sucks.


Fortunately, I have never suffered from it as badly as my cousin does, but I have had issues with it since I was a teenager. For me, it’s mostly concentrated on my upper back and chest, but I know people who have it on their arms, lower back, and bum as well.

It must be horrible.

The good news is that we’ve come a long way in understanding acne since most of us were kids, and today I’m sharing 6 of my best tips to help you (and your teenager) treat, prevent, and hide body acne.

You’re welcome!

If you and/or your teenager suffer from body acne, make sure to bookmark this list of 6 tips to help you treat, prevent, and hide it. You can thank me later.

1. Avoid potential triggers

While genetics likely plays a role in the development of body acne, it’s important to identify and avoid other possible triggers, including:

-Shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and detergents
-Body lotions and perfumes
-Hair products (sprays, mousses, etc.)
-Tight-fitting clothing, athletic gear, backpacks, and purse straps

I always try to wash my back and chest after I wash my hair and lather up with my favorite body wash, and I try to make a habit of wearing a cotton tee-shirt while applying styling products to my hair to avoid as much contact with problem areas as possible.

2. Hit the shower after the gym

If you have a tendency to sweat like a man when you work out like I do, make sure you time your gym visits so you can properly cleanse your skin afterwards to keep it clean and free of bacteria.

3. Try at-home remedies

If your body acne isn’t severe, consider trying some at-home and over-the-counter remedies that aren’t overly harsh on your skin, like applying cider vinegar, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid.

I did a bit of poking around online, and I found a great tutorial by ItsMyRayeRaye on YouTube that’s filled with ideas, as well as application instructions. Check it out below!

4. Visit your dermatologist for something stronger

Benzoyl peroxide has always been my go-to product for bad breakouts, but when I was a hormonal (and very self-conscious!) teenager and over-the-counter strength products weren’t working for me, my mother made an appointment with a dermatologist. During my initial visit with him, I was prescribed a strong ointment to apply to my back each night before I went to bed, and I saw results almost instantly. Naturally, I have no idea what that product was called now, but I highly recommend investing in an appointment with a dermatologist as one trip could totally change your life.

5. Prevention, prevention, prevention!

Once you have your body acne under control, it’s important to figure out what preventative measures work with your body to keep it from returning. This may be as easy as following a good hygiene routine, avoiding contact with irritants, or applying over-the-counter or dermatologist prescribed medications a couple of times a week. All you need to do is figure out what works for you and stick to it!

6. Learn the art of hiding acne through makeup

Face and body acne is a very difficult thing to deal with. Not only is it painful, but it can also lead to self-esteem issues, particularly in the younger crowd. The good news is that makeup has come a long way since I was a teen, and there are very few things makeup can’t cover. Take a look at my post on how to hide blemishes and acne for some great pointers! The tutorials in the post are for face acne, but can be easily used on any areas of your body.

I also found some great tips and tricks to help you feel more comfortable wearing open back shirts, prom dresses, and swimsuits if you suffer from back acne by Cassandra Bankson on YouTube. Cassandra has suffered really badly from acne and has so many great tips, so make sure to give this one a watch!

If you liked this post, you’ll love my Makeup & Manis board on Pinterest. It’s filled with my favorite beauty products, hacks, and tutorials, and it has heaps of fantastic makeup tips and tricks, too! You can check it out below!


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